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G-NetLook Pro - Android app for mobile network visualization and analysis of G-NetTrack logfiles

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G-NetLook Pro Manual
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G-NetLook Pro is a tool for visualization and analysis of mobile network.
With G-NetLook Pro you can open and analyze G-NetTrack logfiles and G-NetWorld site and log data and visualize cells and neighbor relations.

---Local data---

How to open logfile:
1. Open the app
2. Press Menu - Load Logfile. Browse to logfile and select it.
3. Once the file is loaded you can play, pause or step forward and backward through it with help of navigation buttons.
4. Using drop down menu you can change thematic maps (LEVEL, QUAL, CELL, SNR, CQI, DLBITRATE, ULBITRATE, PING, SPEED, ALTITUDE, NEIGHBOR LEVELS etc...)
5. On tab LOG you can see the data for selected point.
6. On CHART tab you can see charts with measurements. Zoom in/out with the buttons.

How to load cell data:
1. open the app
2. press Menu - Load Data ( the cell and neighbors files - cellfile.txt or cellfile.clf and neifile.txt should be located in [SDCARD]/G-NetLook/celldata
3. There are two ways to select a cell and visualize its neighbors - search for cellname - tap on the middle of cell line or cell label to show info window showing cellname and then tap on the info window.
4. On CELL tab you can see cell data and its neighbor cells

---G-NetWorld data---

How to load cell data:
1. Menu - Load G-NetWorld Site Data
2. Select MCC, MNC and technology
3. Press "Load Sites"

How to load logdata:
1. Menu - Load G-NetWorld Log Data
2. Select MCC, MNC, technology, start and end date and other criterias
3. Press "Load"

Sample data files are copied on first run of the app after installation.
If you want you can download sample files for cells and neighbors here:
cellfile.txt -
neifile.txt -

Two types of neighbors are visualized - outgoing and incomung.
- outgoing - they are shown as lines starting from end of the cell line
- incoming - they are shown as lines starting from middle of the cell line
In this way you can check easily if the neighbor relation is reciprocal or only outgoing or incoming.
The color of neighbor line depends on the target cell network type. If it is 2G it is blue, 3G - red and 4G - green.

To open G-NetTrack logfiles press Menu - Load logfile and browse for the text logfile.

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