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How Fast is Your Network?
G-NetSpeedPro is an application for Windows Mobile Phones for measurement of download speed of your wireless network.


1. Measurement of download speed from different URL addresses. You can measure the speed to any URL.
2. Information about the UMTS/GSM serving cell (Operator Name, MCC, MNC, LAC, CELLID and RXLEVEL)
3. Edit the list of predefined test URL
4. View history of the measurements

Comparison between G-NetSpeedPro and G-NetSpeed:
Feature G-NetSpeedPro G-NetSpeed
Speed Measurement Yes Yes
Target URL Change Yes Yes
Predefined Target URL List Edit Yes No
History Yes No
Cell Info Operator Name, MCC, MNC,

How to use:
1. Select URL to test from the drop down list or input your own URL
2. Press START button
3. Wait for the results
4. The results show:
- maximum instant speed achieved
- average speed for the test
- downloaded data volume during the test (make sure you know how much you pay for data download)

Choose URL of bigger files (usually >5MB). This will allow greater speed to be achieved

How to edit URL list:
1. Go to MENU -> EDIT URL
2. Insert new URL on new line or delete or modify existing URL. Make sure that URL starts with "http://"
3. Press SAVE

How to view HISTORY
1. Go to MENU -> HISTORY
3. If you want you can delete all HISTORY pressing CLEAR HISTORY button

The program requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (downloadable from Microsoft web site)
NET Compact Framework 3.5

Download G-NetSpeedPro

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