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G-NetTrack - Netmonitor for UMTS/GSM network          Download G-NetTrack

Create CELLID and RXLEVEL log files easy viewable in Google Earth or Google Maps on your mobile phone

The application logs the current CELLID, RXLEVEL, MCC, MNC, LAC of the UMTS/GSM network.
In [<Application Directory>\logs] folder two kind of log files are created:
- KML file - for using with Google Earth or Google Maps on you mobile device
- Tab delimited file

For kml file new point is created when the distance difference is >15m or cellid has changed. The size of the point depends on RXLEVEL
For tab file new row is created when cellid has changed.

- In "Table" tab the table of the serving cellids is shown with their parameters.
- In "Map" tab the map of current location is shown. The map is updated only if "Map" tab is active.

Attention: Make sure you closed the application before opening the log files. Exit the application from Menu->Save Log and Exit

The program requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (downloadable from Microsoft web site)
NET Compact Framework 3.5


Download G-NetTrack

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