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Licensing and license problems

All Gyokov Solutions paid apps on Google Playstore are with permanent license. Once you bought the app you don’t have to pay again and you can uninstall and install again the app as many times as you want.

If you get error message saying that app is not licensed that means the Google licensing server rejected your account.
This could happen due to several causes:
1. You don’t use the account that you bought the app with. You are using another account on Playstore app and google licensing servers reject your request.
2. Something is wrong with your Playstore app and you can not process licensing transactions.

Before going to look at two cases it is good idea to check on another phone using the same account (if you have one) if the app is running normally.

Case 1. The account that you use is not the same account that you bought the app
1. Check that the account you are using has bought the app. Open the playstore app page ( on computer. Log with your account to Playstore and if this account has bought the app you will see button [Install]. If this user has not bought the app you will see button [Buy]. It is best to do this check on computer to be clear with what account you are logged on Playstore. If the check shows that an account has not bought the app, but you think you bought it you  have to sort the problem out with Google cause they are handling app buying and licensing. Also you can check your order history from Playstore app on your phone – open Menu – Account and go to Purchase history. After this step you must have an idea if the account has the right to access the app or not.
2. Make sure you are using Playstore app with correct account. Open Playstore app. Go to Menu – Account and make sure you are using correct account. If you have more than one google account on your phone choose correct one that you bought the app with.
3. Start the app. If you still have problems check Case 2.

Case 2. You are using correct account but still you get message that app is not licensed. In this case there is a problem with Playstore app.
1. Clear Playstore app user data and cache. Open your phone SETTINGS. Go to application management. Select Playstore app. Choose Storage and clear user data and cache.
2. After doing this open Playstore app. You have to relogin with your account and password.
3. Start the app. If you still have problems there must be a problem with your phone caused by rooting, phone upgrade or something else. Please verify if the app is running ok on another phone with same account. You can try cleaning app cache and data for Google Play Services and other Google apps and restart phone.

In conclusion it should be said that you can reinstall the app as many times as you want. Just notice that right after app purchase there is a short period of time (about 2 hours…check Google policies for correct value cause it may vary) when if app is uninstalled then Google will treat it as refund request and will send automatic return of your money back.