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G-NetLook Pro

App for mobile network optimization and post processing and analyzing of G-NetTrack logfiles

G-NetLook Pro – manual

G-NetLook Pro is an Android app for mobile network optimization.
It can be used for visualization of mobile network, neighbor cells planning, antenna tilt adjustment and postprocessing of G-NetTrack Pro logfiles or measurements from your own database.

G-NetLook Pro video demo:

The app is useful for engineers working in Radio Planning and Optimization.
If you are just interested in analyzing drivetest logfiles you can try G-NetView –


  1. Mobile network visualization
  • cell visualization on the map
  • neighbor cells visualization
  • cell data information display
  • neighbor relations analysis – distance and reciprocity check
  • cell search

IMPORTANT: Please note that to visualize serving and neighbors cell you need to load cellfile with cell locations. There is no magical way to guess exact cell locations.

2. Postprocessing of G-NetTrack logfiles or measurements from your own database

  • logfile visualization on map
  • serving and neighbor cell lines visualization
  • measurement point info
  • measurements charts
  • measurements histogram statistics charts
  • export of measurement charts and statistics in html format to be viewed on desktop browser
  • logfile player
  • floorplan load for indoor measurements

3. Neighbors Analyzer – can be used in two ways:

  • for automatic neighbor cells planning
  • for missing neighbor cells detection
    Neighbors Analyzer video demo:

4. Tilt Optimizer – for antenna tilt automatic calculation
Video demo:

5. Antenna tilt adjustment – export of antenna beamwidth planes in kml format for visualization in Google Earth.
Demo video:

  • cell coverage – kml export of one cell with option to change tilt, beamwidth and height
  • multi cell coverage – kml export of several cells – the kml is organized in technology and cell layer.
    The kml file contains three planes:
  • central (max power) – angle=tilt
  • upper (-3dB) – angle = tilt-verticalbeamwidth/2
  • lower (-3dB) – angle = tilt+verticalbeamwidth/2

6. Exports

  • cell and neighbor relations export in text and kml format
  • option to include missing neighbors in export

7. Online database data. You can use your own database using G-NetReport Pro for Android or public G-NetReport database.

  • load measurements from online database
  • load cell data

How to create your database and set the app to use it:

1. Download scripts –

2. Measurements logdata
– for measurements use G-NetReport Pro. Read in app instruction how to create your measurements database.
– for reading logdata from database the script logdata.php is used. Copy it to your server and change connection parameters (server, database, user, password). Put the URL of the script in Settings – Online Data – Online Log Data URL.

3. Cells database
– for cell data use create_celltable.txt script to create table called ‘cells’ in your database.
– for reading celldata from database the script sitedata.php is used. Copy it to your server and change connection parameters (server, database, user, password). Put the URL of the script in Settings – Online Data – Online Site Data URL.

Download sample files for cells and neighbors here:
cellfile.txt –
neifile.txt –
test_logfile.txt –

Check also:

G-NetLook Web – web app for visualization and analysis of mobile network –

G-NetReport Pro – similar to G-NetTrack Pro, but you can send reports in real time to your own online database and organize your measurement fleet of reporting phones –