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WiFi network monitor and drive test tool app for Android OS

G-NetWiFi Pro

G-NetWiFI manual

G-NetWiFi (free app)

G-NetWiFI manual

G-NetWiFi Pro is a WiFi network monitor and drive test tool for Android OS devices.

It allows monitoring and logging of WiFi network parameters without using special equipment. It’s a tool and it’s a toy. It can be used by professionals to get better insight on the network or by radio enthusiasts to learn more about WiFi networks.

G-NetWiFi video demo:

G-NetWifi Pro can be used in outdoor and in indoor environment with loading of floorplans.

The app uses runtime permissions. Grant needed permissions in Menu – App permissions in order to use all app features.

The main features of G-NetWiFi are:
– measuring of WiFi network parameters
– logging of measured values in text and kml files
– Indoor measurements with floorplans load
– Auto indoor mode – suitable for tunnels
– displaying measured values on map view
– loading of cellfile and displaying WiFi access points and serving cell line on map view
– auto connect to best configured WiFi
– auto configure free WiFi
– data test
– data sequence (ping, upload, download)

Sample logfile –

If you have cell information you can create a cellfile and view the sites on the map. In order to do this create cellfile and put it into folder G_NetWiFi_Pro_Logs/cellfile.
Here is a sample cellfile:

How to use indoor mode:

1. Go to Settings and activate INDOOR MODE
2. On Map the button [Set Point] and center point will appear
3. Point your current location on the map center and press [Set Point] – a marker will appear on the map
4. Move to the next point. Center map on it and press [Set Point] – several new markers (one for each second) will appear connecting previous and current location
5. Go through the route putting points when you change direction.
6. You can clear the markers using [CLR] button

AUTO INDOOR mode allows auto filling of measurement points when the GPS fix is not available like in tunnels or on places with bad GPS reception.

AUTO INDOOR mode works only when the log is active.
If INDOOR mode is selected AUTO INDOOR mode is not activated.

How to use it:
1. Enable AUTO INDOOR mode in Settings.
2. Choose threshold for GPS validity
3. Start log.
4. When you enter the tunnel and lose GPS fix the GPS writing on upper right corner of MAP tab will color in blue which means that AUTO INDOOR mode is active and measurements are collected.

5. When you go out of the tunnel and GPS fix is valid the values for GPS accuracy and time are colored in green, the exiting point is auto set and the missing measurements between entering and exiting point are shown on the map and filled in the log.

Loading Floorplans
Load floorplan from image files located in \floorplan folder. Index file index.txt describing edge locations also should be present in the folder

How to load floorplans:
1. In folder G_NetWiFi_Pro_Logs/floorplan put the floorplan images and create text index file (index.txt) with rows for each image and following content (tab delimited)
imagename longitudeSW latitudeSW longitudeNE latitudeNE
where SW and NE are South – West corner and North – East corner.

Sample floorplan: