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Rhythm Engineer

Songs auto-composition app

Rhythm Engineer

Rhythm Engineer – manual

Rhythm Engineer Lite (free app)

Rhythm Engineer – manual

Rhythm Engineer is a rhythm training app for musicians. It can help learning sight reading rhythm notation.

Rhythm Engineer demo video:

Rhythm Engineer features:
– up to 64 beats
– use legato between beats
– use articulation (accented/muted) notes
– swing/shuffle rhythm
– save rhythm as midi and text file
– open rhythm
– randomize beat patterns

How to use:
1. Select rhythm pattern for each beat
2. Press play to hear the rhythm
3. Adjust tempo with tempo slider

Additionally you can add articulation (accent or mute) to the notes and also legato between beats. In order to do this first allow the feature in Settings and restart the app in order to activate the feature.

Video demo of articulation feature –