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App for mobile network real time measurements and reporting to your own online database

G-NetReport Pro

G-NetReport Pro is app for mobile network real time measurements and reporting to your own online database.

G-NetReport Pro is similar to G-NetTrack Pro, but you can send online reports to your own database and organize your measurement fleet of reporting phones. For postprocessing of measurements in database and logfiles you can use G-NetLook Pro.

You can record logfiles or do online reporting. In order to report online you have to purchase credits (1 credit = 1 measurement sample). The app comes with 20 credits on installation. You can see your current credits in INFO tab – Available credits. You can buy credits using MENU – Buy credits.

The credits prices are: (all prices exclude taxes):
20 000 credits – 0.99$
50 000 credits – 2.49$
100 000 credits – 4.49$

How to use:
1. Create your database using provided scripts and set the app to report to it.
– download scripts –
– setup webserver with PHP and MySql support. You can use some service provider for this.
– create new database on your server.
– use create_table.txt script to create table called ‘measurements’ in your database.
– use test_insert.php for testing the inserting of records in database. Change server, username, password and database name with your values. Copy test_insert.php to your server. When you open it in web browser it should insert test record in database.
– use insert.php for inserting measurement records in your database. Change server, username, password and database name with your values. Copy insert.php to your server.

2. Set reporting server of G-NetReport Pro to your database server. You can also use predefined vendor for reporting. If you are using reporting vendor make sure [Use reporting vendor] is checked.
– Set SETTINGS – ONLINE REPORTING – Report URL to URL of insert.php on your server (something like

3. Check SETTINGS – ONLINE REPORTING – Send Measurements Online
4. Now when you start logging the app will send measurements to your server. You can also send instant measurement using MENU – Send sample.

For postprocessing of your data measurements you can use G-NetLook Pro – Set it to use your custom database in Settings – Online Data.

Demo video of realtime measurements with G-NetTrack Pro and G-NetLook Pro

G-NetReport Pro features:
– 2G/3G/4G serving and neighbor cells information measurement
– Record measurements in logfiles (text and kml format)
– Send measurements to custom online database
– Change app settings via internet
– Change app settings via SMS
– Cellfile import/export and sites and serving and neighbor cells lines visualization on map
– Frequency information ARFCN measurements
– OUTDOOR and INDOOR measurements
– AUTO INDOOR mode for tunnels and places with bad GPS reception
– Floorplans load
– Predefined routes load
– SMS remote control of the app
– 3D map – different types of maps, 3D buildings, maps auto caching
– Data (upload,download,ping) test sequence
– Voice test sequence
– SMS test sequence
– Mixed Data/Voice/SMS test sequence
– Multithread upload and download
– Chart with serving and neighbor cells levels
– Unlimited number of cell layers and custom cell colors
– Barometer usage for height determination
– Send measurements online to G-NetWorld database
– Screen orientation change

Download sample database records here:

G-NetReport Pro manual –

G-NetReport client for unattended measurements

G-NetReport is an Android app for unattended measurements of wireless network. It can be used for creating reporting fleet of phones reporting to online database. App customization with your own design is possible. You can use the app with combination with G-NetReport Pro using same database. For more details contact

The app measures the serving and neighbor cells parameters and does ping, upload, download, voice call and SMS tests.
The measurements are buffered, sent online and recorded in a database.

The app is remotely controllable via SMS and internet.

It allows building cost efficient measurement fleet of phones that send measurements in real time to your database where you can do a postprocessing and visualization in order to monitor network quality

How to use: G-NetReport is very easy to use. Just start the app and it starts to measure and send data to the server. The measurements are available on the server –

In order to use test function you have to set values for ping URL, upload URL, download URL, called number and SMS number.

Doing data/voice/SMS test will generate phone traffic. Before using it check your phone plan.

G-NetReport presentation –

• Supported technologies: 5G/LTE/UMTS/GSM/CDMA/EVDO
• Logs mobile network measurements and events
• Sends log data to online database
• Test sequence including:
– Data test (Ping, Upload, Download)
– Voice calls
• Auto indoor mode for measurements in tunnels and areas with bad GPS coverage
• SMS controllable

Demo of outdoor measurements:

Demo of autoindoor measurements:

Demo of app remote SMS control

Explore measurements here:

Download sample database records here:

G-NetReport manual –

For customized solutions with rebranded android app using your own database and postprocessing solution – contact