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Multitrack Engineer Manual





Multitrack Engineer is an app for multitrack music composition.

The included instruments are:
– piano
– vocal
– guitar
– bass
– drums

You can set harmony chords by editing manually or auto compose harmony on top of the screen.
You can edit notes manually via note dropdown menu or you can use auto composer help for melody and drum beats by pressing COMPOSE MELODY and COMPOSE DRUMS buttons.
If you want to auto recompose specific instrument select it via control checkbox on the left pane. If no instrument is selected then all instruments are composed.
You can save the composed music as midi file and use it for production with your DAW software.
You can change sound and adjust volume for different instrument in Settings.


When you open the app there are four panes. On left is INSTRUMENTS CONTROL pane. On the right is NOTES pane and on top and below are APP CONTROL panes.


For every instrument you have:
-instruments name – when you click on it you can hear instruments sound sample
– ON/OFF switch – switches on/off the instrument
– select checkbox – use it select/deselect instrument. This is used in when you press COMPOSE or Shift Left/Right

NOTES pane

For every instruments you have predefined number of notes. You can change number of notes in Settings.

For melody – select note via dropdown menu. A5 means note A, 5th octave.
For drums – If checkbox is checked the sound is on. If it is unchecked there is no sound.


– ON/OFF switch – switches all instruments on/off
– select checkbox – selects/deselects all instruments
– COMPOSE MELODY button – when you press it then melody is created for selected instruments. If no instrument is selected then all instruments are used. If you want to auto compose specific notes from instrument select notes checkboxes.
– COMPOSE DRUMS button – when you press it then drum groove created for selected instruments. If no instrument is selected then all instruments are used
– tempo – change tempo in beats per minute
– PLAY button – plays/stops the music playback.

– New – creates new template
– Open – open saved text file
– Save – saves current music as midi and text file
– Save as – saves current music as midi and text file wuth specified name
– Clear All – clear all instruments
– Clear selected – clears only selected (with checked checkbox) instruments
– Shift Left – shifts selected instruments one position to the left
– Shift Right – shifts selected instrument one position to the right
– Start/Stop AUTO MODE – starts/stops AUTO MODE where drums are continuously played and recomposed
– SETTINGS – opens Settings
– Help – opens app manual
– facebook page – opens app facebook page
– Exit – exits app


– Notes number – select number of notres (1-64)
– PLAYBACK SETTINGS – select what instrument do you want for piano, voice and bass
– INSTRUMENTS – select which instruments to include
– INSTRUMENTS VOLUME – set volume for instruments
– Meter signature nominator – nominator for meter signature – if time signature is 3/4 then this is 3
– Meter signature denominator – denominator for meter signature – if time signature is 3/4 then this 4
– Load last project on app open – when this is on then the last project will be loaded when you open the app
– Number of cycles in AUTO MODE – sets how many times to play the drum beat before it is recomposed
– Keep screen on – keeps screen on while the app is in foreground
– Play melody in background – when this is on then beat will be played in background. You can use this when adjusting the instruments volume.


  • Kick Drum
  • Snare Drum
  • Open Hi-Hat
  • Closed Hi Hat
  • Low Floor Tom
  • High Floor Tom
  • Low Tom
  • Low-Mid Tom
  • Hi Mid Tom
  • High Tom
  • Pedal Hi-Hat
  • Crash Cymbal 1
  • Ride Cymbal 1
  • Chinese Cymbal
  • Ride Bell
  • Hand Clap
  • Side Stick
  • Tambourine
  • Splash Cymbal
  • Cowbell
  • Crash Cymbal 2
  • Vibraslap
  • Ride Cymbal 2
  • Hi Bongo
  • Low Bongo
  • Mute Hi Conga
  • Open Hi Conga
  • Low Conga
  • High Timbale
  • Low Timbale
  • High Agogo
  • Low Agogo
  • Cabasa
  • Maracas
  • Short Whistle
  • Long Whistle
  • Short Guiro
  • Long Guiro
  • Claves
  • Hi Wood Block
  • Low Wood Block
  • Mute Cuica
  • Open Cuica
  • Mute Triangle
  • Open Triangle