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Poet Manual


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This app helps you writing poetry. The app selects suitable words in order to match the poetry meter.

How to use:

1. Press [New] button and select the poetry feet type (iamb, trochee, anapest etc…) or create your own by checking syllables.
2. Press [WRITE] button and words which syllables stress matches accent pattern are selected.
3. You can change words with other suitable words via drop down menu.

Also once the words are chosen you can select syllables to change by selecting the syllables and pressing [WRITE] button.

In Settings you can change the number of syllables and number of syllables in row.

In directory [Poet/dictionaries] you have an example file for custom dictionary that can be loaded from MENU – LOAD DICTIONARY. In custom dictionary you can put any word or combination of words. You have to provide word hyphenation and stress in format:


If the syllable is stressed stress=1 else stress=0. For example: