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Stroboscope Engineer

Stroboscope Engineer is stroboscope app for measuring rotating, vibrating, oscillating or reciprocating objects.
It is most commonly used for:

  • adjusting speed of rotation – for example adjusting speed of rotation of turntable
  • adjusting frequency of vibration


  1. Start app
  2. Set frequency of strobe light (in Hz) using number pickers
  3. Press ON/OFF button to start the strobe light
  • use button [x2] to double the frequency
  • use button [1/2] to halve the frequency
  • use button [50 Hz] to set frequency to 50 Hz. This is for turntable speed adjustment.
  • use button [60 Hz] to set frequency to 60 Hz. This is also for turntable adjustment.
  • activate duty cycle by checking [DUTY CYCLE] check box and adjust duty cycle in percentage. Duty cycle is the percentage of time per cycle when the flash light is on.
  • optionally you can calibrate the app by starting calibration from MENU – Calibrate. It is good to do calibration when frequency is changed. You can also set correction time manually in Settings.

Accuracy of the app depends on latency of your device flash light.

To open the menu click on three points button in upper right corner.

  • Settings – open app settings
  • REMOVE ADS – you can remove ads for current app session (until app is closed) by watching an add
  • Calibrate – runs calibration and sets correction time in order to adjust correct compensation for device latency
  • Gyokov Solutions – opens developer’s web page
  • Help – opens app manual
  • Exit – exits app
  • Version – shows app version


  • Timing correction – Timing correction in milliseconds. Valid values [0-50]. Select value to compensate for device latency.